Thursday, August 27, 2015



Speed reading chrome extension for Kindle Cloud Reader.

To use.

  1. Install extension from Chrome Extension Store (link above or search for Kreeder)
  2. Go to
  3. Click the Kreeder Icon and click open Kreeder (Alternatively press CTRL+SHIFT+SPACE) to open the reader window
  4. Enjoy
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  1. Pressing CTRL-SHIFT-SPACE repeatedly opens multiple Kreeder windows.
  2. Some issues with text extraction with special characters and non-latin characters (have not tested on non-English books)
  3. Books with lots of images, or books with multiple layouts (e.g. Any of the Dummies books with lots of callouts), will end up with text appearing in non-sequential order. Kreeder works best with plain text books (e.g. are the words only on the pages without any special blocks or formatting).
  4. Tested on Linux and Windows and Mac
  5. Windows 10 issue (not just Kreeder) where popup windows are wonky. The reader itself is fine, clicking on the icon gives you a headache.


  • 08/27/2015 - Icon Updates
  • 08/21/2015 - Slider Bar Bug Fixes
  • 08/20/2015 - Slider Bar Implementation
  • 08/19/2015 - Bug Fixes
  • 08/18/2015 - Design Changes
  • 08/17/2015 - Initial Release